Six Hundred years after Christianity came Islam with the advent of a new and final Prophet; Muhammad (peace be upon him). He was chosen by the Lord, as were his predecessors and Brother Prophets Jesus, Moses, Jacob, Isaac and Abraham (peace be upon them all) before him, to convey the divine message which he received through revelation in the form of the Holy Quran.

Their Mission and objective was a common mission, to guide mankind to the best way of life and allegiance to the one, True God.

Islam is not merely a religion but a complete way of life, a promoter of peace and tolerance. A Muslim is he who regardless of colour, creed, race, and nationality gives allegiance, obedience and loyalty to Allah, to God, The Lord of the Universe.

The world is home to over one billion Muslims of various nationalities, languages and ethnic origins. In the UK alone there are around 2 million Muslims.

This website is in the English language, catering not only for Muslims but also to enable people of other faiths to gain a better understanding of adoption in Islam.

“I leave behind me two things, the QURAN and my SUNNAH (example) and if you follow these you will never go astray”. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

The article concerning “The Special upbringing of Special Children” discusses the lives of the most influential people in history and the details concerning their lives.

In particular, we focus on the special upbringing of the prophets and the effect fostering and adoption had on them


The main issues this site hopes to address God willing are:

  1. Motivation/ reward (Quran & Sunnah)
  2. Status of Adopted/ Fostered/ Orphan Children in Islam
  3. From the upbringing of the Prophets who had a special upbringing (dependence on Allaah, chosen of Allaah)
  4. Issues in Adopting as Muslims today (is it forbidden, negative, misconceptions)
  5. Sayings of the scholars regarding adoption [sheikh albaani, ibn baz ibn taymeeya]

In summary to educate and encourage/motivate the brothers and sisters regarding adoption and its permissibility.